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USPS Postage Rate Increase

April 14, 2015

The Postal Regulatory Commission officially approved the USPS requested postage rate increases late last week, and we now have preliminary details on how much of an increase can be expected across the different classes of mail. These new rates are all effective on Sunday, May 31, 2015.

The overall average of all increases is about 2%, but as in years past, the weight of the increases is always more pronounced in certain classes of mail.

Consistent with recent history, Every Door Direct Mail is subject to the largest percent increase. Every Door Direct Mail is a type of non-addressed, saturation style of bulk mail that is very popular with small businesses. The precise 4.762% increase means that Every Door Direct Mail pieces will increase from the current rate of 17.5¢ apiece to 18.3¢ apiece.

The USPS has been aggressive about increasing postage. Postage was just 14.2¢ apiece back in 2011. This represents a 29% increase over just a 4 year period. 

Presort standard letter-sized mail is scheduled to increase 1.741%. Average rates for this style of bulk mail are currently around 28.5¢ apiece, and will now increase to about 29¢ apiece. Letter-sized mail is generally considered 6.125″ x 11″ or smaller but there are some exceptions due to weight or aspect ratio (shape). Presort standard flat-sized mail (aka “catalogs”) will increase 2.549%. Average rates for this style of bulk mail are currently around 38.5¢ apiece, and will now increase to about 39.5¢ apiece. Catalog-sized mailers have been another recent favorite target for higher than average rate increases.

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