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“Our company has been doing business with ASAP for many years. Their mailing service is top notch, providing excellent customer support, fast turn-around time and guaranteed reliability.”— Amanda
Travel & Tourism
“For more than 10 years, ASAP has been always been there when we needed them the most. They are professional, reliable, and always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our mail pieces are processed and delivered to the post office on time.”— Bob
Political Consultant
“ASAP has always been a dependable, accurate and friendly source for our external mailings. Once the job is at ASAP, we don’t have to worry about it at all. A complete mailing and fulfillment service company!”— Brad
“Our business counts on precise immediate mail fulfillment. There is NO room for error, lapses in service or sloppiness. Simply put our company’s success is dependent upon the speedy delivery of our product: direct mail. There is no company that we trust more than ASAP and its staff. Time and time again they have proven – beyond a doubt – that they understand the value of the customer. In a world where “taking pride in your work” seems to have become passé – the folks at ASAP still very much do. For clients of ours, ASAP has become a trusted partner for more than a decade, smoothly processing millions of pieces of mail destined for literally tens of thousands of destinations both with in Pennsylvania and far beyond!”— Hank
Political Consultant
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with ASAP for over 10 years. Mark, Sean and staff are very knowledgeable in the ever changing rules of bulk mailing. They are super helpful in all areas of mailing and are great at coming up with different solutions to all types of mailing projects. We’ve never had an issue with a mailing and they help us keep on budget. They are always friendly and offer great customer service.”— Kristy
Marketing Coordinator, Manufacturing
“Eric and the team at ASAP are great to work with and make our lives easier! They not only get the job done, but make it their mission to do it in the best way possible – making suggestions to save money and stand out.”— Lori
Education Technology
“We have worked with ASAP for almost two decades. I can’t recall one instance where they didn’t mail on schedule, give us a database count back in a timely fashion, or go the extra mile for us with little favors. One of the owners has even taken time to give our bindery person tips on how to enhance our folding equipment operation! That’s the kind of service that’s very difficult to find in today’s marketplace!”— Lynda
Marketing Professional
“We are always pleased with the professionalism that ASAP provides.  They have always provided quick turnarounds for printing of the fliers we use for our dropmails.  It’s one stop shopping with them – from printing to acquiring the mailing list to mailing. We love the prices and the convenience they offer. Our congregation has grown as a result of their services.”— Olivia
Religious Organization
“ASAP has always been a strong partner for us. Whether it’s a major power outage, or last minute crazy deadline, they adapt and finish the project on time and on budget! We count on ASAP.”— Paul
President – Printing Company Owner
“For the 12 years that I have done business with ASAP, I have yet to come across a project that was delayed or mishandled. Always on time and always beyond helpful: We are happy to have ASAP as our mailing partners.”— Shabir
President – Printer
“I have had the pleasure of working with ASAP on a number of mailing projects.  Some of our requests and timelines would have posed difficulties for many other vendors, but ASAP has always come through for us.   Their customer service is absolutely phenomenal.   We receive quotes within hours and almost all projects are mailed within 24 hours.   We are fortunate to have them as a supplier of ours and they will continue to remain a key partner in assisting us with the growth of our business.”— Steve
Marketing Consultant
“Our business is all about deadlines and fulfilling client expectations. We rely on Mark, Eric and the team every day whether we need a complex solution or the latest guidelines to meet our clients’ needs. ASAP provides us awesome, personal support for all of our mail service needs; the entire team always goes above and beyond for us!”— Tina
President – Marketing Company
"Eric and the team at ASAP are great to work with and make our lives easier! They not only get the job done, but make it their mission to do it in the best way possible – making suggestions to save money and stand out." — Lori
Education Technology
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